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 Part No.  0664
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 Comment The Bed Rail Protectors are made from padded foam and have a soft medical vinyl cover on the inside to give a wipeable surface for hygiene, and a print polycotton material on the outside. They are used on beds for confused patients who may hurt themselves by hitting the bed rails or getting arms, legs, head, etc. stuck in the rails.
Mediflextra is specially made for medical use to protect against urine, faeces, vomit, blood, etc. The removable cover can be washed if necessary, but is normally wiped clean. The outside is made of strong polycotton material and has two Velcro straps to keep it in place on the bed rail.
Alternative products are the Bed Fall Mats and the Zip-A-Bed. The Zip-A-Beds are used without bedrails, and look like normal bedspreads when in use.
Washing instructions: To prolong the life of the cover and foam, always air dry in shade. Cover: Spray and wipe clean or remove foam and hand or machine wash up to 80°. Do not tumble dry. Foam: Hand wash foam squeezing out excess water. Handle with care when wet. Do not wring or tumble dry.
Please note that the pattern material changes depending on what is available form our suppliers. We try to keep the colours as unisex as possible.
Freqently Asked Questions
What if our bed rails are longer than 1.67m?
If your bed rails are longer than 1.67m, we do have a slightly different version of this item which can be used on any length rails. The difference is that the strap on ones do not 'envelope' the bed rails - they simply fold over the top and are attached with adjustable buckles. The other difference is that they are completely covered in Mediflextra (ie. no print polycotton material). This was our original design which we rarely have any demand for now that the Slip Over version is available. Because the Slip Over version has a print polycotton material on the outside, they look a lot more 'homely' than the buckle version. The price is the same as the Slip Over version.
Do the Bed Rail Protectors have to be removed to lower the rails?
We recommend removing the Bed Rail Protectors while the bed rails are down. Many facilities leave them on, so it depends on the type of bed rails you have. In America, where there are many split Bed Rails, they need to be removed completely.
This item may be of interest if you are wondering how to stop patients falling out of bed.
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